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When purchasing a personalized Press Kit package you will receive professionally retouched key images on a DVD. You may use these images on the web to promote yourself and your business. Photographs you purchase with printing rights will be received on a DVD in two versions: a conveniently resized web-ready version as well as a full-resolution version processed for the most optimal printing.

For the Professional
Web Development
For the Artist
Visual art
Make-up artists
Band promos
Comp cards
Your wedding day is a very special, once-in-a-lifetime event and I would be honored to be the professional to photograph it. Not only do I love weddings, I love all the silly moments, the adorably cheesy moments, and I am incredibly inspired by people & places. With my extensive experience in photographing landscapes, fashion, portraits, children and fast-paced events, you can rest assured that I am the right woman to capture your epic wedding day in a light that you will cherish forever. My dedication to providing my clients with excellent photographic prints, albums, and books means that, on top of a wonderful experience, you will receive very high-quality images, in print, which will last for many years to come. In addition, you’ll be able to tailor your books and prints to your own style by choosing from many innovative and ecologically-friendly printing options.

A deposit of half your wedding package must be exchanged and the Tiny Box Media wedding contract must be signed in order to book your wedding date, for me to be able to plan accordingly (plus, this lets you check one more thing off your list). Payment in full is expected at least one week before wedding date.

If you have a ton of ideas or people/products to photograph, multiple locations or if the packages listed above just don’t fit your needs, I would be happy to offer you a bulk rate for my services. For your session time fees, you will receive tons of photographs on a DVD as well as some professionally retouched key images.

Hourly shooting rate: $150
Hourly photo processing and retouching: $25


I have had the pleasure of working with Fedora for several years and can attest to her great photographic skills, work ethic, and professionalism. From Fedora’s very first submission, I have been impressed with her ability to comprehend the job of photographing a tattoo convention and its many nuances; she must document the event with images as grand as the convention center itself or as specific as a tiny tattoo on an attendee. She also has the most unique eye I have seen in a while and the ability to put a fresh spin on common subject matter. She has shown enthusiasm and creativity for each project she is given and is superb at following through and finishing assignments in a timely manner.
Fedora is intelligent, responsible, creative, and an excellent asset to any venture.
Jean-Chris Miller, Director
Art & Ink Publications,

If you hand Fedora three hours of your time, she will turn it into a journey of your imagination and an exploration of joy. If you hand Fedora an idea, she will inspire you further with her enthusiasm and depth. If you let Fedora put you inside the world in her camera, she will look at you with kindness and heart and you won’t even feel your smokescreens fading until you see the prints, and realize she saw right to the truth of you and showed you at your most beautiful.

This is a woman who has an intuitive knack for the right photo. I cannot praise her highly enough.
Ava Black Saxman
Seattle, Washington

I have to say Fedora has the most amazing way of making you feel so comfortable. She knows how to get the lighting just right and give you direction so that you look your best! She did photos of our tattoo studio that are so beautiful and inviting; everyone loves them and I feel they truly convey the atmosphere we were going for. The pictures she took of us were equally friendly and bright. As soon as I met her I knew we would work with her because she has a great, confident energy.

Thank you Fedora! You’re awesome!
Ruby Santiago, Co-owner
Two Birds Tattoo

Fedora…our little fire cracker. She has such amazing energy, and is so sweet & friendly she puts you instantly at ease. She photographed Ruby & myself and our tattoo studio and the whole time I felt like I was just hanging out with a friend rather than getting photos taken. She was great at giving direction, and was very open to suggestions from us.

We love the photos, and will definitely hire her again!
Suzy Todd, Co-owner
Two Birds Tattoo

Fedora is an amazing kindred spirit, friend, and life artist. She is a model herself, and you can feel her connection within both aspects of a photographic artist and a model in her work. Her work is sensual and sensible, emotional and erotically grounded. The images portray her own earthly intellect and direct view of the subject as an artist…as well as a beautiful subject. She is a spunky spitfire of a human, but as soft and approachable as they come. She is a sister of many, and an artist for all.
Rahn Broady, Artist
New Orleans, Louisiana

Fedora is an amazing woman and friend. I was instantly put at ease when we worked together. I’m very uncomfortable and self conscious in front of a camera. By the time our shoot was over, I felt confident, beautiful, and more knowledgeable about the craft of photography. She taught me much about angles (girl-I remember them now when people snap my pics) by directing me in a fun and playful way.

Woman- you are SUPER awesome!
Lisa Damm, DJ
Seattle, Washington

Fedora…She is the sweetest, most honest, and genuine person I have come across in along time. I love that being one’s self is what she wants to portray in the photos she does;from every beauty mark to scar. What other photographers would erase, she convinces people to see the beauty in what they think are their flaws.

She made me feel good and she captured my son’s personality so well in the photo’s she did of us a couple of months ago. I love you Ms. Fedora! I consider you a great friend and a very exceptional photographer and artist! Kindred in our astrological sign and love for tacos!
Kristina and Chuck P.
Spokane, Washington

Today I found myself thinking of the first time we met and still it amazes me how someone so little can have so much heart and drive. So yeah, kudos my friend.
Salem, Model
Port Orchard, Washington

Not only is fedora an amazing photographer, she is also hott as sh*t! Nothing better than working with an experienced and sexy photographer! I look forward to working with her in the future. I highly, highly recommend her to do your shoots. Private or for events.

Basically, she is amazing and totally rocks my world!
Carly Nysether
Everett, Washington

Fedora is a gem. Her ability to relate to and work with almost anyone is evident within seconds of meeting her. From a female model’s perspective, she’s great to work with because she knows the female form. She’s got a knack for finding a balance between giving direction and allowing the model to move intuitively. She’s got a very positive attitude and follows through with hard work.

She’s tops! A++
Rocket, Entertainer & Proprietor
Portland, Oregon

Although we live across the country from one another, we got to meet on two very special occasions. I had the pleasure of getting my photos taken by her, and she did a fantastic job. I felt very comfortable around her; she gave me great direction and gave me confirmation when we’d hit the mark. The photos taken were amazing, and I was very pleased!

I highly recommend Fedora, where ever you’re located!
Jessika Gosen, Actress and Mother
Akron, Ohio

VERY impressed with the initial work…loved her spunk, sense of humor, and professionalism! Posting her work soon!”
Jennifer Rupley
Kent, Washington

I was somewhat apprehensive when I went to have my photo taken by Fedora because I knew she was not only a photographer, but a model herself, which was intimidating. As soon as we met I was totally at ease. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and by the end of the shoot I wanted to run around her house naked all day and just hang out. These are still to this day some of my favorite photos of myself ever taken. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone.
Ashleigh Follis
Seattle, Washington

A tenacious student of life, Fedora exudes wisdom, creativity and inspiration. Always moving, always passionate, in all ways prolific: Fedora packs a sexy bazooka of imagination, launching rockets of genius into any project. I wholeheartedly endorse Fedora el Morro’s work.
Dylan Harris
Skate Warehouse


  1. What if I don’t want my images to come with a “watermark” on the corner?
    To receive images with no watermark, a fee of $100 per photo session is instated because that watermark is, in essence, a referral back to Tiny Box Media from everyone who sees those wonderful images we created while still showcasing you, your business, staff, and artwork in a great light. I understand that you may not want to see this stamp on your photos, so I am happy to offer you the option to receive your images without my watermark. I want to ensure that your experience with Tiny Box Media meets and exceeds your expectations without any hassle. Let me know at any point if you would like to receive your images without the watermark on the bottom-right corner.
  2. Can you tell me more about “Printing Rights”?
    Printing Rights provide you, the client, with the right to create photographic prints at any printing facility of your choosing, use images in print for paid advertising, and to create your portfolio. This does not allow you, the client, to sell any print, sell the rights to any image, or to resell this image in any way.
  3. What is “Product”?
    Product is any object you create or sell which is inherent to your business. Some products include: jewelry, tattoos, hair clips, clothing, hairstyles, vinyl flooring, antiques, paintings, etc. Remember, Tiny Box Media specializes in creative concepts. I’d love to see what you do and showcase it in a way that enables you to grow your audience and clientele.
  4. What is “Green Packaging”?
    Here at Tiny Box Media, I know it is important to you not to waste materials whenever possible. I do my part by recycling shipping materials and by not sending paper invoices unless requested. I want to make your experience convenient and enjoyable, so if you would like to opt for the “Green Packaging” option as a method of delivering your images I would be happy to give you a discount on your photo package.
    Green Packaging is simple: Instead of burning, packaging, and mailing a DVD of images to you I can email them, saving one disk…if you are local to my studio, you are more than welcome to come pick up your prints in person which also saves a bubble mailing envelope or box from being used, not to mention saving you a few bucks. Just mention at any point that you would like “Green Packaging” to get in on some saving.
  5. What about hair & makeup
    If you would like to incorporate the services of a professional makeup artist and/or hair stylist into our photo session, please let me know at the time of booking and I will provide you with the best person(s) I know to execute your ideas and needs at cost.

  6. Will you travel?
    Yes! Do you live more than 50 miles outside of Seattle but still want to book a photo session? Well, you are in luck! I would be happy to travel to you, where ever you are, given that you can provide compensation for travel expenses such as gas and/or airfare. I require that you book at least $100 worth of services per 100 miles traveled or at least a half day-rate may apply.
  7. Can I buy the copyright to the photos from my session?
    I understand that sometimes you want to print, distribute, and/or edit the photos you have purchased and for that, Tiny Box Media offers the option for you to purchase the copyrights to your images for four times the base rate (4x). The option is yours.

    About Copyright Law
    As the creator of an artwork, Tiny Box Media is the copyright holder, which means you as the client or model may not print, alter, distribute, sell, publish or crop the images Tiny Box Media provides to you without permission and/or paying the proper fees. Copyright law protects my ability to maintain value in my artwork and my ability to make a decent living. Your compliance is a wonderful, valuable, essential element to my business and our business relationship. Thank you for keeping it real.
    Read more about copyright law at