All New, Coming Soon

After three years of blood, sweat, ‘n’ tears, it is with a heavy heart I announce the closing of Spectrum House.


The good news is that I am afforded the time and passion to dive head first back into Tiny Box Media where I will focus on wedding photography, press kits for your businesses, and social media marketing consultation & implementation.

In the coming weeks, I will be updating this website. It’s been three years since this page had a good scrub and I cannot wait to share with you all the projects I worked on and am throwing myself into this year.

Your support and your business are greatly appreciated. Viva la Tiny Box!


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Love Yourself Today, not 50lbs ago.

I just got a Holiday card from my other half’s family. They are many and the photo was such a treat. Usually they send ten bucks and a Hello, but as I looked at the group photograph, I realized how much more it means to have than anything monetary.The kids were being silly, several of the cousins had accidentally awkward faces, and the shot was not well-posed. None of that matters. The reason is because I love these people and any time I get to see their faces, I just treasure it!

This photo-card reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend & client recently. He told me he was self-conscious of his weight and therefore was going to hold off on getting portraits taken of himself. I could tell he really wanted to have a fun photo shoot with me, but his body image was holding him back. This is an intense discussion I have a lot with friends and clients. Sometimes, they enter the studio to do a portrait for work, but are just dreading it. Other times they have a great photo shoot, but when they look at the photos, they realize they are older and heavier than they last remember.

There are many reasons people seem to fear being photographed, but I feel they are all rooted with a lack of confidence in our appearance. Reality is, we age every day. The longer we can stay away from mirrors and cameras, the longer we can ignore our ever-changing physique instead of embracing it. But, what affect does it have on our lives to feel scared of being seen and what effect does it have on our loved ones to not have our events and lives captured for them to share, reflect upon, and treasure?

The people around you don’t see your flabby arms or your smile lines. They don’t see your fat or your double-chin. They see someone they cherish. So, I encourage you to love yourself today, not you ten years ago, not you 50lbs ago, you, TODAY. Go share yourself with the people you keep close. Get a photo of all of you together; then send it to each other to pin on your refrigerators. I’ll be here, camera in hand.

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Booking Fall Portrait Sessions

Today, I found a great new Seattle beachfront location with many maple leaf-covered trails under canopies of trees. The beach grass and driftwood was madly inspiring. It made me want to get my creative clients to pose in dark clothes with big hair blowing in the breeze…a more avant garde portrait session, if you will.

I saw an eagle and sat with the squirrels for quite a while, watching how the light moves across the water and through the trees. The staircases covered in orange leaves was so gorgeous. I was imagining NW inspired greeting cards being created there.

Moral of the story is:
The month of November (MOVEMBER)
is the time to get some fresh pictures of your face
all up in gorgeous NW nature.

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In 2011, I took a long west coast tour from Washington to California. I stopped in Portland to see my friend Jason Sweet at his new shop Freaks & Geeks Tattoo.
I also stopped by Classic Tattoo in Grass Valley, California, to see Danny War and the guys. Here’s Mischa showing me some moves.
This is my friend, Ray. He is a musician and guitar-maker. I stopped by Triplett Harps to see him and a few other cool dudes.
Ben Sorenson, making a harp.
This is Daniel Hernandez, dreamy photographer/designer for Podium Dist.
My good buddy, Dylan and his rhyme-partner Ashis. Together, they are D & A.
Making Dylan into some kind of regal beast.
And, this is Josh. All around, awesome dude.

Big thanks to all my boys.

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La Push


A little bit about these next couple of photos:

The beautiful family featured were on their way back to Seattle from their very first trip to the ocean, evar. They are from Colorado. While on the beach, we found a crab. I am guessing he was pushing salt out from his face and that is what the bubbles were about.
Featuring a lovely WA ST Ferry and the mystical Second Beach @La Push, Washington.

I hope you have a great rest of the summer. Get that last beach trip or two in while it’s warm.

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Press Packs

Reasons why I love to help creative businesses create press packs:

1) Paying for advertising bolsters your image with your clients. If you dont go the extra step to make sure your ad is beautiful, then it’s sort of a waste of money as it won’t be noticed. It says to them that you have the foresight to put your best foot forward.

2) Having a website listing your services accompanied by beautiful images that represent your company inspires confidence in new customers, gives them a sense of your essence, and gives them a chance to imagine themselves in your environment without the pressure of having to purchase.

From my own experience, having well designed  and printed business cards, brochures, and websites have made me far more money than it has cost. I cannot imagine trying to do business without these tools. It also makes it easier for new clients to find me and current clients to expedite the process of purchasing images. Less time with administration means more time with my wonderful clients.

Love you all! Thanks for your business and word of mouth!

8.5"x11" Inside Tiny Box Media Biz Brochure Trifold


Some of our awesome clients include:
Seattle University’s Albers School of  Business and Economics
Seattle University’s College of Education
The City of Edmonds, WA
Gage Academy of Art
Two Birds Tattoo
Cicada Tattoo
Skin Art Magazine (and all it’s subsidiary publications)
Ryan HENRY Ward
Seattle’s Quake Rugby Team

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Brochures & Stickers

Hey everyone! Thanks again for your continued inspiration and support.
If you would like some free brochures and stickers from Tiny Box Media, please email me with a mailing address at

D & A; SLO, CA

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Who’s Hoo?

Hey everyone! I have a piece in this art show tomorrow night.
Come buy art and hang it in your space.

I was just inspired to go on a rant about how much I love Urban Light Studios. Every second Friday of the month, ULS and all of the art galleries in the lower level hang a new art show and open up for you to view, purchase, and meet the artists. This scene is really friendly, colorful, and unique. There are always DJs, snacks, wine, cool people, and art for sale. I always seem to find something I just have to take home, whether it be a small sculpture or a button for my lapel. I really encourage you to make it to Greenwood every second Friday from 6-10pm for the Greenwood Collective showcase in at Urban Light Studios.

For directions check out

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More love from clients and fans…

Messages that make me so happy to receive:

Industry Ladies: Are you tired of unreliable, lack lackluster and poorly shot photographs???? Try Fedora El Morro – I shot with her yesterday, had an online gallery that night and quite honestly, it was the BEST shoot I’ve had in about 10 years. She’s the shit! Go look now!!!!!!!! -Domina Victoria Rage
Miss Fedora, I would just like you to know that after years of following your work on many social mediums, I continue to be a fan. You work hard and have fun at creating beautiful art; your upbeat attitude and free spirit is totally inspiring. You’re amazing behind the camera and in front of it, and I’m really glad I got the chance to meet you once!! Keep being amazing!! (Not that you need anyone to tell you that :P) -Shannon Hammel

I have to tell you, aside from the amazing actual wedding shots of L and R, two of our favorite shots are the three little ones with N’s arms around the younger ones watching as a speech is given, and the shot you captured of A hugging R.  It truly speaks to the depth of love and welcome our family has for R.  Thank you so much. -Mrs. Miller


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Book Your Session Now and Save $$

Just a reminder: Tiny Box Media will be changing its rate structure April 15th. To take advantage of the current rates, simply book your photo session, wedding, etc. before April 15th (even if the shoot date is after tax day).

Also, Returning Clients will receive an additional 10% off!

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